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What self-service features are available?

  • Account aggregation

This feature allows you to link and view all your accounts within Account View, giving you a holistic view of your entire financial picture.

  •  Authorized user access updates

You have the option to grant access to additional users, such as family members or your accountant, and allow those trusted individuals to view and/or download financial information from your Account View profile.

  • Beneficiary updates

View, edit and add beneficiary information for Transfer of Death designations for individual nonretirement accounts, in addition to qualified retirement accounts. Not available for 401k, Coverdell and joint non-retirement accounts.

  • Mobile check deposit

Securely deposit checks digitally to non-retirement accounts held at LPL Financial through the Account View Mobile App.

  • Transfer Money via ACH deposits

Transfer money from an external bank account to an LPL non-retirement account within Account View. You have no limits to the amount of money you can transfer and funds are typically available for use in your investment account the following business day.

Account View Account Aggregation

The account linking process is simple and can be completed in a few simple steps:

1. Login in to your account at

2. Scroll to the “link accounts” section and click “link accounts now” to get started.

3. Search for your financial institution(s)

4. Enter your credentials

5. Select the accounts to link

View this one-minute video for more details.

The account linking feature is powered by Morningstar, an investment-first data aggregator that prioritizes the security and

privacy of your data.